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'Very creative and enjoyable. Lisa is an amazing teacher with great energy.'

Thank you, fantastic class. (My Child) says I want to stay forever.'

‘My kids love being able to express themselves in an open, fun environment. The parent participation makes it a fun bonding time.’

'Really fun and engaging. My daughter grew her confidence and really enjoyed her time - always looking forward to each class.'

'Very fun and interactive session - great exercise for little people and their big people too.'

‘…nice to have time together. Being able to participate but also to observe (my child’s) reactions and interactions is really lovely.’

'One of the best classes we’ve ever done! Really original, kids stayed engaged and lots of fun and exercise for grown-ups too. Thank you!'

‘(My child) has learned to use his body in new ways.’

'My daughter really enjoys Lisa’s class. For days after the session, she re-enacts the movements at home. We love the music and the thoughtful touches - the links to rich texts and engaging props. 


Her body awareness has improved greatly over the weeks. And to be able to dance alongside her is a real treat. I always feel so energised after the session. I think it’s as much for me as it is for her!'

Lisa’s dance class is so much fun! (my child) has been talking about dancing all week and can’t wait to come back! It really gets her moving!

'We love Lisa’s classes - they are so full of energy and creativity. And it’s a wonderful opportunity to spend time with your child one to one.'

'A wonderful class to bond with my baby, with lots of lovely ideas that we can do together at home.'

'Good energy. Perfect for my 4 month old. Relaxed unpressured environment.'

'Excellent class, my baby grew so much in the 10 weeks, it really helped him develop.'

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