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COVID-19 Safe practice for dance participants


The dance sessions are able to take place at The Green Nunhead under the current government guidance as we are gathering as a children’s playgroup for education, physical activity/exercise. Please read the following information before attending a session.

What to bring…

  • Face coverings do not need to be worn in the studio, we will be observing social distancing.

  • Dress for the session at home and wear an additional top layer for protection while travelling. Bring a plastic bag to store your outside clothing and shoes.

  • Bring minimal personal possessions to the building.

  • Bring water in a clearly identifiable water bottle.



  • Where possible, travel to The Green, Nunhead on foot, bike or by car. If travelling on public transport wear a face covering at all times, remove and store or dispose of masks safely before entering the Willow studio.

  • Follow the directional signage when moving around the building.

  • Use the side entrance to enter the Willow Studio, not the front entrance.

  • Observe physical distancing of 2.75m in the studio and 2m coming into and moving around in the building.

  • All outdoor clothing, including shoes, to be removed as soon as possible and placed in a plastic bag.

  • Sanitise hands before entering/leaving the studio and repeat regularly.


Entering the studio…

  • Class numbers have been limited to allow for social distancing.

  • Sessions are to be pre-booked, unfortunately, drop-ins will not be available. 

  • Minimal personal items should be taken into the studio.

  • Before and after sessions the studio will be cleaned.


Exiting the studio…​​

  • When the session has ended please vacate the Willow Studio promptly using the garden doors.

  • If you need to wait for anyone else please use outdoor space maintaining 2m distancing.

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